38 Carbon fiber sport sailboat Second Regatta outing: 3 races – 3 wins!

Minnetonka, Minnesota

Victory by Design, L.L.C. announced the results of the Lukemia Cup-Minnesota, Hosted by the White Bear Yacht Club, the Black Bear Sailing Association and White Bear Boat Works. The event was held September 15 and 16. That makes the total 7 races   7 wins!

The Leukemia Cup Regatta on White Bear Lake is a Minnesota tradition. The weekend festivities of this event included a silent auction, dinner and awards ceremony for sailors, supporters and friends.

Each sailor in The Leukemia Cup Regatta series was eligible to win great prizes from national sponsors, including the opportunity to sail with world-renown sailor and ESPN commentator Gary Jobson, national Regatta chairman. This is a very successful undertaking, and the Minnesota regatta was but one of fifty held throughout the US during 2007.

This outing with Innovation proved that the V38 is a superboat! All of the systems designed by builder Brad Robinson proved themselves flawless, and the boat was as much as 5% faster than the fastest traditional fiberglass A Scows against whom she competed.

Victory by Design is ready to produce more V38s, and welcomes inquiries from around the globe. Test drives are available at Minnetonka, Minnesota.



  • Length: 38.0 feet
  • Beam: 8 feet, 6 inches
  • Weight: 1,400 pounds
  • SA: main- 350 sf, jib- 200 sf, spinnaker- approximately 1,000 sf
  • Mast: swivel base, single-spreader, carbon fiber construction
  • Rudders: carbon fiber, removable, symmetrical
  • Sideboards: carbon fiber, draw 5 feet, easily retractable, asymmetrical


Contact information:
Brad Robinson
Victory by Design