V38: The Ultimate Sport Boat

The V38 is a culmination of ideas and inspiration that were in large part brought to life through the design and construction of the proof boat, Victory.

Now afloat is the V38, InnoVation. It is constructed of carbon fiber composites for the hull, deck, and internal hull components, as well as the side boards, rudders and spars.

The rig includes a single-spreader rotating mast for easy tuning, and the upper backstay and related hardware have been eliminated.

The V38’s features have all proved sound and beneficial:

Lightweight carbon fiber hull and spars produce high performance sailing.

The hulls are constructed by well-known Goetz Custom Boats of Bristol, Rhode Island.

It is designed and built by world-class engineers for rigidity, long hull life, and ease of handling.  


InnoVation Carbon Fiber V38

Carbon Fiber Construction by Goetz

The hull, deck, and internal components, carbon fiber boards, and rudders for InnoVation were completed in June of 2007 by Goetz Custom Yachts in Rhode Island.

Goetz is known for its high quality standards and attention to detail. Goetz also works extensively with modern, lightweight materials in many ocean racing sailboat projects. The result is a masterful product, perfect in every detail.

1,400 lbs. of carbon fiber equals less weight, increased stiffness and brutal speed.

Built to Last

Incorporating composite structural design of the hull backbone and bulkheads means that this boat will be fast for years to come.

InnoVation Carbon Fiber V38

Built to Sail, Built to Last

Lightweight = a boat you can sail faster than the wind.

All running rigging systems utilize properly sized blocks and ratios to maximize adjustment and minimize rolling friction:

  • 95 cubic feet of sealed floatation is an unmatched safety feature.
  • The sideboard system is designed to self clean any weed problems and it utilizes ultra low friction materials to facilitate easy side board adjustment under all sailing conditions.
  •  Rounded deck edges make for comfortable hiking in all wind conditions.
  • Durable, UV-resistant coatings ensure lasting beauty and strength.

Rigging and Controls

Sail Controls

All sail, track, vang, and backstay control lines are on deck and in easy reach when sailing in the fully hiked out position, making all adjustments fast and easy.

Carbon Fiber Side Boards

The carbon fiber elliptical design provides not only lift, but gives a high strength to weight ratio. They are so light they float up, which really makes them easy to raise during tacking or for weed removal.

Rotating Mast

The mast is rigged with single spreaders and single side stays with a self aligning bearing beneath the mast step. This design is proven in the world of high-speed catamarans and ice boats. It allows the mast to rotate into optimum alignment with the airflow and simplifies tuning with a two-turnbuckle system

InnoVation Carbon Fiber V38

Easy Steering

The medium aspect carbon fiber rudders are elliptical in profile and symmetrical in cross section. They are positioned as far aft and outboard as possible. A tie rod system and a single tiller provide a very good feel of the helm for superior boat handling in all wind and wave conditions.


The vang track system is mounted mid boom, aft of the number 4 crew position, which maximizes boom control and main sail leach shape.

Self tacking jib InnoVation Carbon Fiber V38

Self Tacking Jib

A single jib sheet line operation on a curved track allows for fast and easy trimming when tacking and jibing.

“Brad’s attention to detail made it easy for us to sail Victory. It was just a little club race a few weeks before the Invitational; we were coming around the last mark in fourth place, then we moved into third and that’s when Brad’s self tacking jib made all the difference.”
— Kevin Caulfield

Vertically Canted Bow Sprit Systems

The high outboard end of the patented bow sprit system provides safety through good visibility and control of the spinnaker luff shape to maximize downwind speed.


  • Length 38.0 feet
  • Beam: 8' - 6"
  • Weight: 1,400lbs
  • SA: Main - 350sf, jib-200sf
  • SA: Spinnaker - variable
  •  Mast: Swivel base, single-spreader, carbon fiber construction
  • Rudders: Carbon fiber, symmetrical
  • Sideboards: draw 5', easily retractable, asymmetrical