Meet the Team

Brad Robinson and Susana Robinson
“I figured that since he was going to retire from Robinson Rubber, it would be a great thing to do for himself and for the sport he loved. So I leaned over and said, ‘Brad, I think it’s time you follow your dream.’”
— Susana Robinson

In Memoriam: Brad RobinsoN (1937-2015)

Brad Robinson sailed his last race on October 17, 2015, leaving behind an enduring legacy of honor, passion and generosity to the sailing community he loved.

During his time as CEO of Robinson Rubber Products Company, Inc., Brad was active in a number of civic and philanthropic endeavors. His lobbying on behalf of workers’ compensation led to legislation that introduced competitive pricing to workers’ compensation premiums for Minnesota employers. Brad is also an emeritus member of the board of Best Prep – a major high school business education program that has bridged the business and education communities since 1976. After selling Robinson Rubber (a family company he had been part of for over 50 years) to his employees in 1998, Brad remained involved in the industrial rubber products manufacturing firm as Chairman of the Board.

And, of course, Brad Robinson was a scow sailor. Growing up on the shores of Lake Minnetonka, he discovered his passion at a young age and spent much of his competitive sailing career developing ways to improve the performance of his sailboats. In retirement, this drive for advancement in sailboat design and technology led him to establish Victory By Design, LLC. He then built Victory, a class legal A Scow, to be the proof boat for his real dream of a totally carbon fiber ultra light V38: InnoVation.

Brad was a commodore of the Minnetonka Yacht Club. He was also a founding member and past president of the Lake Minnetonka Sailing School, and served on its board for more than 40 years prior to his death, donating his time, talents and funds to enhance the sport of scow sailing. His spirit will carry on as Victory continues to sail on White Bear Lake as Dumbledore and InnoVation continues to sail on Lake Minnetonka.

Susana Robinson

After teaching both junior and senior high school, Susana Robinson turned to a career in business, though her work always retained an emphasis on education. Throughout her 39 years with CenterPoint Energy (formerly Minnegasco), Susana held positions ranging from residential marketing to commercial foodservice, and established her involvement in the foodservice industry at both the local and national levels. Susana has been recognized for her many contributions to the industry, including the Minnesota Blue Flame Gas Association Lifetime Achievement Award, the MSNA (Minnesota School Nutrition Association) Industry Award, recognitions from the ACF (American Culinary Federation), and the Minneapolis Technical College where she chaired the advisory board for over 20 years. Susana retired from her position as Manager of Commercial Foodservice on December 31, 2006, but continued assisting with CenterPoint Energy through her consulting and training business for a few years.

Susana was also a founding member and President of the Women’s Association of the Minneapolis Jaycees, and very involved in civic projects.

An integral member of the InnoVation racing crew, Susana mans the tender boat for every race, always ready with supplies and extra crew. She and the crew plan to continue sailing InnoVation to honor Brad's legacy. Susana will also continue using their tender boat to support Jud Dayton’s A Scow, Instigator.