For Sale: A scow/V38, InnoVation, carbon fiber & epoxy hull

Innovation Clear Lake 2007.jpg

Location: Deephaven, Minnesota, United States
Delivery anywhere in the world can be arranged 

Price: $66,000.00

Offered for sale is the A scow/V38, InnoVation M-9, built by the legendary Eric Goetz and rigged out by Brad Robinson in 2007. Brad sailed his last weather beat on this boat in 2015.

Everything related to the boat is part of the sale: hull, spars, aluminum trailer, canvas, electronics, all of it.


InnoVation is the first (and so far, only) A scow to be built entirely of carbon fiber and epoxy resin. “Most A scows weigh in at or above the class minimum of 1,850 pounds. InnoVation weighs about 1,250 pounds, depending upon which spar she is carrying,” says Willie Crear. “Even her sideboards are carbon fiber foils, not agricultural flat 1/2" aluminum plate. The boards are so light, they float.” Click here for more detail about InnoVation’s specifications and features: V38: The Ultimate Sport Boat.

InnoVation’s performance compared to a standard A scow, particularly downwind, is astounding,” confirms Tom Burton, InnoVation’s longtime skipper.

The story of InnoVation’s creation is chronicled in the book offered elsewhere on this site: The Price of Victory and the Fear of Innovation: Brad Robinson’s Story.

For more information, please contact Tom Burton (612.386.9037), Willie Crear (207.423.0061) or Susana Robinson (612.209.0213).

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